Stand out with creativity and design expertise that stops your customers in their tracks. They notice. They stop. They buy. It’s what three decades of experience producing displays can do for your products. Join some of the best-known brands in food, apparel, sports equipment, tools, and more in tapping our effective in-store marketing techniques

Command Attention

The first step in the development of effective point of purchase materials is to ensure that your displays will be noticeable in the retail environment. There are numerous ways to command attention in-store: color, shape, size, sound, motion, and texture!

Connect with Shoppers

Once you’ve commanded the shopper’s attention you must next ensure that she recognizes what the P-O-P stands for. However, you don’t have much time—usually a second or less.

Convey Key Information

Multiple messages and communication clutters are the enemy of effective P-O-P. Your message should be singular and focused—selectively limited to essential information.

Close the Sale

With effective P-O-P communication, you will eliminate any shopper doubt.

Using the 4 C’s and our expertise, we ultimately strive to insure compliance for the brand and retailer.